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after-rain smell, alfred molina, aloysius pendergast, alternate realities, american gods, antiheroes, art, art-as-therapy, beef jerky, being a hermit, black pens, books, british comedy, british men, bukowski, cake or death, cargo pants, cats, chaotic good, character development, cheese, cherry coke, china miƩville, chinese food, comics, constantly being confused, creative thinking, creativity, cyberpunk, dark comedy, dark heresy, darkness, dave robicheaux, death, delusions, department of redundancy department, depression, deviantart, doodling, drawing, dreams, eclecticness, eddie izzard, elder scrolls, eminem, empathy, escapism, fallout, fedoras, fiction, flavin, gabrielese, glass, google-fu, gordon ramsay, headology, hellboy, hip hop, hugh laurie, hugs, human contact, icons, insanity, intelligent people, irony, isolation, john hiatt, knives, linguistics, live music, living slowly, lois mcmaster bujold, lotro, mac lethal, mad scientists, medical scenes, meebles, mexican food, miles vorkosigan, modern myths, modern poetry, mozo, music, my computer, my hatred of phones, my partner, mythology, neil gaiman, nerdy stuff, neverwhere, neverwinter nights, new crobuzon, open minds, original characters, pablo neruda, panic attacks, paranoia, peter gabriel, poetry, pointless lj interests, post-apocalyptic fiction, psionics, rael, random things of rassilon, ranier maria rilke, reading, red hot chili peppers, rhymesayers, rhythm, road trips, role playing, sam vimes, sarcasm, scrupulous characters, self-awareness, shades of grey, sharp pointy objects, shiny things, slang, snark, stephen fry, stephen king, subtlety, swords, t.s. eliot, tattoos on other people, terry pratchett, that which is strange, the mind, thinking too much, thomas covenant, tim minchin, tony stark, tragedy, trent reznor, tribal tattoos, true crime tv, trust, two lumps, used bookstores, vampires, warren ellis, wikipedia, wrestling demons, writing
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